Creative Design

Every event starts as an idea – it’s our job to take that idea and turn it into reality.

We work with some of the very best architects, designers and artists to come up with truly original and inspiring concepts for our clients. Working closely with our clients, gathering as much of their imagination as we can, we take their thoughts, develop them and create something truly extraordinary.

What sets us apart at Lightning is our consistent approach to creative design. We take the very latest products and combine them with our extensive knowledge of technical production to achieve a perfect mix of creativity and practicality.

Technical Production

Technical Production is at the heart of what we do. At Lightning we seamlessly blend all production elements, both seen and unseen to create a beautifully produced event.

Using cutting edge technology and highly experienced designers and technicians, we pride ourselves on delivering a product surpassing all expectation.

Our clients appreciate how the aesthetics of the production are integral to overall success of their event. We offer an extensive array of rigging, lighting and audio equipment finished in white or black, ensuring our equipment is as discreet as possible in the buildings and marquees we work in.

Lighting | Audio | Video | Set & Construction | Styling | Staging